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Orthodontics helps correct the positioning of teeth and jaw alignment properly.  Many different types of dental appliances can aid in this proper aligned procedure. One of several is Braces. 


Braces are a fixed appliance method used to help move teeth into their proper positions. Braces are made up of bands, wires/brackets. Bands are positioned along the teeth as anchors while brackets are bonded to the teeth. Our dentists will pass arch wires through the brackets and attach them to the bands. This process tightens the teeth together pushing them into their proper positioning. 

Braces treatment usually requires monthly visits for adjustment in order to reach the desired results. 


Now a days braces have become much lighter, smaller and modern yet with the same technical impact.  


Things to consider when deciding whether you need braces or not:


  • Do you have an Underbite?

  • Do you have an Openbite? 

  • Do you see Crowding in your teeth?

  • Do you have a Crossbite?

  • Do you have an Overbite? 


If you are experiencing any of the mentioned problems, consult with our dentists at Willow West Dental today for the best treatment plan. 


Willow West Dental Office in Guelph, Ontario offers an array of services to help you improve your smile. One of our dentists would be happy to sit down with you for a free consultation. 

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