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Dental Fillings


The most common type of dental restoration is a filling. Fillings usually replace a cavity that’s taken place on/in a tooth. But fillings can also be used to repair damage caused to a tooth/teeth as a result of teeth grinding. 

The filling process starts off by removing the decayed tooth material, cleaning the area and adding the filling to the tooth to restore it back to its normal shape and functionability.  Fillings help close off open space between teeth, leaving no room for bacteria to sit, which could in turn assist in the prevention of more tooth decay. 

There are several different types of fillings. There isn’t a best form of fillings treatment, as each individual requires a different treatment plan based on the extent of the repair, or allergies in some cases. 


There are approximately 4 different types of fillings: Gold (Usually considered the most tolerated with gum tissue), Amalgam-Silver (Considered resistant to wear), Composite - Plastic (these are the fillings that match the colour of your teeth), or Porcelain fillings. 


At Willow West Dental we offer Mercury-Free Fillings. These types of fillings do not contain any traces of mercury.  Mercury-Free fillings minimize further damage to the tooth. In other words, the material used in Mercury-Free fillings does not weaken the remaining tissue of the tooth. 


Mercury-Free fillings last as long as any other types of fillings and the application process takes the same amount of time as any other fillings procedure. 


Are there any Health Risks with Mercury Free Fillings? 


The answer is simply “NO”.  In fact this new method is healthier for the environment. 


With that being said, sometimes fillings may not be the best option if there is too much tooth decay or if a large portion of the tooth is damaged. A crown/cap may be recommended to provide more protection to the tooth. 


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