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Willow West Dental | Dentist in Guelph | First Visit Parent Coaching

Pre-appointment Dental Coaching Tips

- From our dentist at Willow West Dental

Preparing for a dental visit can be stressful for little ones and even for adults. At Willow West Dental, we know this feeling and understand the anxiety associated with a dental visit. However, our staff and dentists prepare you for a dental visit from the moment you book your appointment. We prep you for a successful and pleasant dental visit. 


Willow West Dental is a family oriented dental practice in Guelph Ontario. We provide flexible and convenient booking hours. Our staff and dentists are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of expert care. 


Willow West is a modern designed dental clinic that uses the most advanced dental equipment ensuring our patients highest quality oral care attention and results. 


Our main goal is to ensure our patients feel comfortable, relaxed and trust us to look after their oral health in a pleasant and calm environment. 

Here are a Few Pre-Appointment DO’s From Our Dentists At Willow West Dental 

  1. Always remind your self that Dental Care is something YOU WANT for your child.

  2. Read to your child or watch a show about going to the dentist to put any fears at ease. 

  3. Coordinate with our staff members on a date and time for an appointment where your child wouldn’t be tired. 

  4. Treat a Dental Visit, as a normal routine, part of your day, in other words be low-key. 

  5. Be honest with your child when answering questions about a dental visit to avoid surprises but also don’t give to much specifics. 

Now that we went through the positives of Pre-Appointment DO’s lets move onto the Pre-Appointment DON’Ts

  1. If you are afraid of the dentist yourself, do not communicate this with your child. Don’t pass your fear onward, let them experience the situation them selves. 

  2. Don’t make dental visit threats to your children if they misbehave, your associating a dental visit with negativity. 

  3. Don’t expect your child to be on their best behaviour at the dentist. 

  4. Don’t make it look like or imply to your child that the dentist is a villain. 

Each child or adult will have a different dental visit experience and will cooperate differently. The important thing to remember is at Willow West Dental we are here to make sure you feel your best and relaxed before we start any dental procedure.  

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