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How, What, Why? These are the most commonly asked questions about Invisalign. Let our team at Willow West Dental help answer these questions for you in detail. Let’s start off with the WHAT & WHY? 


Invisalign is different; it is a modern appliance used by dentists to properly positioning and aligning our teeth. It feels better, it works almost up to 2x faster and it uses the most advanced innovation to move your smile back in place. 


HOW? Simply, easy and quick steps: 


  • Contact our Willow West Dental office for a consultation, where our dentist will examine your oral health and teeth positioning and better explain to you how Invisalign will work for you. 

  • Get a personalized and customized Invisalign treatment plan. This begins with a digital scan, no mess no goopy hassle. Then a treatment plan is planned out for you in terms of cost and duration. And guess what? You may even be able to preview your new smile. 

  •  Finally, your aligners get customized for you. 

  •  Once the aligners are ready, you will learn on how to use them and how to clean them. 

  •  What’s next? Nothing… live your life minus the interruptions!

  •  Inspire the world with a new smile!



How long and how much the Invisalign treatment plan will be all depends on a case-by-case scenario. “Costs may vary, but the results are priceless” 


Our dentists in Guelph, Ontario will be with you each step of the way!


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Willow West Dental | Dentist in Guelph | Invisalign | Guelph
Take a smiling selfie and we’ll show you
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Dental Health Scan iTero


Bringing innovation to visualization with faster processing 

and clearer imaging to help you visualize your new 



We are committed to provide you with a great experience 

by using iTero the latest digital scanner that has the capability to detect and track decay without harmful radiation


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