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Root Canal


In some cases, tooth decay becomes too advanced and tends to reach the nerves. If and once that happens, a regular filling is no longer an easy option. This would need to be treated through a root canal dental procedure. A root canal essentially removes the damaged nerve relieving you from pain. 

During a root canal procedure, our dentists at Willow West Dental will work on removing the infected or injured tissue (pulp) from the roots of the tooth. The next step would be to disinfect the area, shape around it, fill it (using the dental filling procedure) and seal it off. 


A root canal procedure could help save the tooth rather than having it pulled out. Pulling a tooth out should be the last option as it could lead to further complications, including but not limited to teeth drifting, jaw problems and more. Saving a tooth with a root canal treatment saves you time and money than have it pull out and replaced by an artificial tooth. 


How is a tooth restored after a root canal treatment? 


Once the root canal procedure is completed, in our office in Guelph, Ontario, the tooth is restored to feel and look like a natural tooth. To protect the restored tooth and provide more strength, our dentists may recommend a crown to provide more coverage and shield especially if a tooth is located at the back of the mouth where a lot of chewing force is applied. 


Caring for an operated tooth is crucial and requires a great deal of oral maintenance. Brush, floss and book your dental cleaning appointment with Willow West Dental today!

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