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Laughing Gas/ Moderate Sedation Dentistry 

Going to the dentist can cause anxiety in many children and even adults. Sitting in the dentist chair alone can make you noxious.  At Willow West Dental, we know and understand how patients feel about the dentist. But we are not just dentists we are here to make sure you feel your best before, during and after any dental procedure. 


Now, you REALLY can relax in a dentist’s chair. Our dental office offers laughing gas/ moderate sedation to help ease your dental visit. It’s a very safe and effective way to help put your anxiety behind you. 


Laughing Gas or also referred to, as Nitrous oxide is a safe sedative agent that is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask through the nasal passage. This is an option we offer at Willow West Dental to put you at the comfort of your own home.


This method is colorless, odorless and is used locally in our office. It works immediately leaving no time for your anxiety to accelerate. 


Contact our office for a free dental consultation and to learn more about laughing gas/moderate sedation options. 

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