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Dental Bridges


Exactly as it sounds, bridges just basically bridge the gaps between teeth. Bridges help you smile, speak, chew, maintain proper jaw structure and prevent drifting of teeth. 

Who needs a Dental Bridge? 


Anyone with missing teeth may require a dental bridge procedure. Our dentists at Willow West Dental will examine and assess the situation before providing you with the best treatment plan. A bridge is essentially a fake tooth (referred to as a pontic) that is inserted into your mouth and held down by crowns, which are cemented to the abutment teeth, on either sides of the gap. 


Dental bridges are a little different than dental crowns. Dental bridges may eventually need to be replaced several years down the road (depending on how you care for them) whereas a dental implant is considered a permanent dental treatment. 


Book a free dental consultation with our Willow West Dental office to discuss the best dental replacement options for you!

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