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Periodontics / Gum Therapy


Periodontics starts off with bacteria growth in the mouth, and will continue to progress and result in damage to the tissue surrounding the teeth later on resulting in tooth loss. 


Plaque is the primary cause. However, there are many offer factors that could affect periodontics. Things like hormonal changes, some illness, some medications, and bad habits such as smoking, and/or poor oral hygiene.

This may progress painlessly with very little obvious signs at its early stages. Our dentists at Willow West Dental in Guelph, Ontario highly recommend to look out for any of these signs: 


  • Bleeding Gums during brushing.

  • Swollen, Red, Tender gums

  • Bad breath, or bad taste in mouth

  • Receding Gums 

  • Loose teeth 


Contact our office for a consultation to better understand if you are at risk and what the appropriate treatment plan is for you. 


Our goal is to treat this through Gum Therapy. We want to reattach healthy gums to the teeth and to reduce swelling at the same time to prevent infections. Depending on how progressed the disease is, we will recommend either a non-surgical or surgical treatment plan. 


With non-surgical therapy, we try to control the bacteria growth to allow the restoration of supportive tissue. We do so through professional dental cleaning, scaling and root planing. 


With a surgical treatment plan, you have the option of a flap surgery/pocket reduction surgery, bone grafts, soft tissue grafts, and guided tissue regeneration or bone surgery. Contact our office to learn more about the different types of available surgeries. 


Progression of gum disease can be stopped and reversed.  Contact our office to learn more.  Willow West Dental Office offers a strong periodontal (gum therapy) program. Our dental team is highly qualified to diagnose, treat and monitor periodontal problems and devote time to educating our patients regarding their treatment.

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